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Brent Jones


Hello, my name is Brent Jones, and it’s exciting to ask for your vote for Lt. Governor, to stand for the success of our great State of Nevada.

It was a great privilege to serve you in the Nevada Assembly in 2014, working with our colleagues for the proven Republican principles of our party platform of lowering taxes and slashing burdensome and counterproductive regulations that kill businesses and jobs.  You and our fellow Nevadans honored us with your trust to lead us all toward a more prosperous and freer Nevada.  That honor is precious and deserves your representative’s dedication to act in all our best interests to the best of our abilities.  You – have – the right – to expect no less.

Imagine the shock and utter disbelief that rocked me when then-Republican state Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson, forced a massive new 1.3 billion dollar tax increase, the largest in our state’s history.  What a betrayal of your trust, of all Nevadans and Nevada’s small business owners!  My only honorable response was to vote a resounding “NO!” to that Commerce Tax — the tax that we the people of Nevada voted against by nearly 80% in that same election!

Speaking as a business owner, of Real Water, Real MMA and the Real Chamber, It is clearly and painfully evident that increased taxes, massive regulations and arbitrary rules jammed onto our businesses only burden them to where taxable income, jobs and even your own future opportunities to get ahead are damaged!  President Trump, who I was glad to be the first Nevada legislator to support, proved in this last year, that reducing these onerous handicaps creates jobs, creates opportunities, strengthens our economy and stimulates investments.  You deserve to have a good job, a living wage and a chance for you and your children to be the next wave of successful small business people!  This is your birthright as Americans!

As our Nevada economy grows, more investments will be attracted here, and that brings more opportunities for you and your children!

President Trump gets it.  As a businessman, President Trump understands the day to day challenges of running a business – and what it means to actually create and build a successful business.  Under his leadership, with his most substantial tax cut in our history, with cutting nearly 20 regulations for every new regulation, our nation’s economy is booming, creating and restoring good-paying jobs for the first time in a long time.  He is validating everything I have stood for all along!

But that’s not all!  What’s in our schools today is in our government tomorrow.  And if that’s failure, as we’re seeing now in Nevada, try to imagine the cost to us all in the near and distant future!  For this reason, we cannot continue to just throw more and more money at a failed school system and expect better results!  I have – and will continue to – actively support and push to fund ESAs and any other pro-school choice initiative that gives our children new chances to win in life!

We all want and deserve our honest votes to truly count!  That cannot happen when your vote is nullified by an illegal vote!  How can we have integrity in our government if we have lost integrity in our voting systems?   My opponent pushed through the law that gives illegal aliens   state-issued ID.  That’s an open invitation to fraud.  And how can any honest person insist that fraud should be enabled in our voting?  How do we stop it?  With genuine ID that proves citizenship!  Since that’s required for such simple, everyday things like getting on an airplane, cashing a check, using a credit card, opening a bank account or even just buying cigarettes, why shouldn’t we protect the most precious civil right we have?  This is part of my own personal platform.

We cannot expect a successful and growing Nevada economy, honest elections or principled representation unless we choose leaders who hold these things dear.  That’s why I’m asking you for your vote as a pro-jobs, pro-business and pro-integrity Lt. Governor.  I will devote my energies to work with our governor, Adam Laxalt, and our legislature, to mirror Trump’s national successes right here at home.

Discover more at, that is–brent–  Thank you – Vote for Brent Jones.  May God bless Nevada.

 Thank you,
Brent Jones



Public Service

Brent Jones served Nevada proudly as a state assemblyman, and he intends to do the same as lieutenant governor.

Brent Jones believes that Americans are overtaxed. If the government would stop wasteful spending and focus on priorities, there would not be a need to continuously tax the people. The answer is not to raise taxes but to find solutions to create a growing economy that yields prosperity for all.

He wants to return the control of education to the parents. He will continue to work to strengthen and enrich education in Nevada. In 2015, Republicans passed the Educational Spending Accounts (ESA), but failed to fund the measure under Republican leadership. Jones will actively continue to support and push to fund ESA.

Jones is a strong supporter of the American voting system. The best way to preserve the integrity of the system is through voter ID. People have to show identification everywhere they go, voting should not be any different.

As Nevada’s lieutenant governor, he will uphold the values that will grow the economy, provide a solid education of choice for your children, and protect voter’s rights.

Nevada Office of Lt. Governor Statutory Duties

The Nevada lieutenant governor has five (5) statutory duties.  These duties include chairing the state tourism commission; serving on boards related to transportation, economic development, and audits; and ensuring continuity of government in a catastrophic emergency.

 Statutory duties of Lieutenant Governor as prescribed by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS):

1. Serve as chairman of the Commission on Tourism (NRS 231.170)

2. Serve as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Department of Transportation (NRS 408.106)

3. Serve as a member of the Board of Economic Development (NRS 231.033)

4. Serve as a member of the Executive Branch Audit Committee (NRS 353A.038)

5. Homeland Security – Continuity of Government

The lieutenant governor is charged in event of a catastrophic emergency and in the absence of the governor to ensure continuity of government including filling elected positions.

“In the event that this State or a portion of this State is stricken by a catastrophic emergency of such magnitude that, in the opinion of the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the existing provisions of the Nevada Constitution and the statutes of this State relating to the filling of vacancies in office are not able to provide for a sufficiently expedient continuity of government and temporary succession of power as a result of vacancies in office created by the catastrophic emergency, the provisions of subsections 3 to 11, inclusive, apply.

Also, after a catastrophic emergency has taken place, the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, shall:

(a) Determine and announce publicly when conditions have normalized within this State or the portion thereof affected by the catastrophic emergency.

(b) In cooperation with the Secretary of State, develop procedures and a reasonable schedule for filling by regular election the various offices filled temporarily pursuant to this section.” (NRSS 239C. 260)

Lieutenant Governor Elections 2018

The current Lieutenant Governor is Mark Hutchison (R) who was elected in 2014.

On August 18, 2017, Hutchison announced he would not be seeking re-election at the end of his term in 2018, creating an open seat in the upcoming 2018 election.

Currently, Nevada has a divided government with a Republican Governor and Democrat majorities in the Nevada State Senate and Assembly.

The Silver state is considered a Republican triplex. A triplex is achieved when one political party holds the position of governor, attorney general, and secretary of state.

Currently: Governor Brian Sandoval (R), Attorney General Adam Laxalt(R), and Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske(R), make-up this triplex.

In the 2018 elections:

  •  Adam Laxalt is vacating his seat of Attorney General and running for Governor.
  • Secretary of State, Barbara Cegavske, is seeking re-election.
  • Brent Jones(R), is running to become Nevada’s next Lt. Governor which would maintain the Republican Triplex.

ESA’s Take Big Step Forward With Supreme Court Ruling

LAS VEGAS — Education Savings Accounts and real educational choice for parents and children is one giant step closer in Nevada, now that the state Supreme Court has released its ruling on the matter.

While the court ruled against the state on one technical funding issue, all other constitutional challenges against the program were rejected Thursday in the high court’s opinion.

NPRI Communications Director Michael Schaus explained how the decision, despite postponing ESAs, is ultimately a step in the right direction.

“We are thrilled to see that the Supreme Court Justices ruled that ESAs are constitutional, rejecting all the substantive challenges. Only a technical funding issue was found to be in violation of the constitution — an issue easily addressed by the legislature. Soon, Nevada families will finally be able to see real educational choice in Nevada.”

The ACLU had argued that ESAs violated the state constitution’s “little Blaine amendment,” because parents would have the option of spending ESA funds at private religious schools. Another case filed by a group of parents claimed the reform would harm public schools, because school districts would no longer receive a portion of per-pupil state funding for students that took advantage of ESAs.

The justices ruled against all such substantive challenges against the program, only finding fault with the order in which ESAs were funded by the Legislature. The state constitution’s requirements for the order in which elements of public education must be funded mean legislators will have to tweak the ESA law. Then, nearly 8,000 Nevada students can begin taking advantage of personalized, and tailor-made, educational options.

NPRI issued the following statement:

Although we’re disappointed that the program remains delayed because of the ruling, it is good to see that the justices have affirmed the right for a parent to make their own decisions about their child’s education.

The freedom that parents will have, thanks to the nation’s most inclusive educational reform, will be unimaginable. When legislators address the one remaining obstacle to implementing this program, there will be a floodgate of opportunity opened for Nevada’s youth — a new gold rush for educational innovation.

The right for families, not bureaucrats or politicians, to make the decisions that best fit their educational needs is now one step closer to reality in the Silver State.

Now, it is once again up to the legislature. For parents, this isn’t some obscure political issue, or complex policy proposal — it is personal. It’s about their children.

And they’re ready for ESAs.