Public Service

Brent Jones served Nevada proudly as a state assemblyman, and he intends to do the same as lieutenant governor.

Brent Jones believes that Americans are overtaxed. If the government would stop wasteful spending and focus on priorities, there would not be a need to continuously tax the people. The answer is not to raise taxes but to find solutions to create a growing economy that yields prosperity for all.

He wants to return the control of education to the parents. He will continue to work to strengthen and enrich education in Nevada. In 2015, Republicans passed the Educational Spending Accounts (ESA), but failed to fund the measure under Republican leadership. Jones will actively continue to support and push to fund ESA.

Jones is a strong supporter of the American voting system. The best way to preserve the integrity of the system is through voter ID. People have to show identification everywhere they go, voting should not be any different.

As Nevada’s lieutenant governor, he will uphold the values that will grow the economy, provide a solid education of choice for your children, and protect voter’s rights.