Nevada Office of Lt. Governor Statutory Duties

The Nevada lieutenant governor has five (5) statutory duties.  These duties include chairing the state tourism commission; serving on boards related to transportation, economic development, and audits; and ensuring continuity of government in a catastrophic emergency.

 Statutory duties of Lieutenant Governor as prescribed by Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS):

1. Serve as chairman of the Commission on Tourism (NRS 231.170)

2. Serve as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Department of Transportation (NRS 408.106)

3. Serve as a member of the Board of Economic Development (NRS 231.033)

4. Serve as a member of the Executive Branch Audit Committee (NRS 353A.038)

5. Homeland Security – Continuity of Government

The lieutenant governor is charged in event of a catastrophic emergency and in the absence of the governor to ensure continuity of government including filling elected positions.

“In the event that this State or a portion of this State is stricken by a catastrophic emergency of such magnitude that, in the opinion of the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, the existing provisions of the Nevada Constitution and the statutes of this State relating to the filling of vacancies in office are not able to provide for a sufficiently expedient continuity of government and temporary succession of power as a result of vacancies in office created by the catastrophic emergency, the provisions of subsections 3 to 11, inclusive, apply.

Also, after a catastrophic emergency has taken place, the Governor or, in the absence of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, shall:

(a) Determine and announce publicly when conditions have normalized within this State or the portion thereof affected by the catastrophic emergency.

(b) In cooperation with the Secretary of State, develop procedures and a reasonable schedule for filling by regular election the various offices filled temporarily pursuant to this section.” (NRSS 239C. 260)